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Public health education post-COVID-19: a proposal for critical revisions

11, March 2021 | Bangladesh


Abdul Ghaffar Sabina Faiz Rashid Rhoda Kitti Wanyenze Adnan A Hyder


Improving the health of people is an essential and perhaps one of the most important func- tions of any government; health is not only a contributor to overall development but also an important factor in reducing poverty. To achieve health of their populations, nations build health infrastructure and invest in a well-trained health workforce. Public health knowledge, expertise and a skilled workforce play a critical role in prevention of disease, promotion of health, developing programmes, monitoring and evaluation of health systems. Schools of public health (and allied institu- tions) all over the world play a key role in the production of such a workforce and have traditionally focused on competencies in areas such as epidemiology, statistics, health systems, disease prevention, health economics and envi- ronmental health.