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Slum Health: Arresting COVID-19 and Improving Well-Being in Urban Informal Settlements

24, April 2020 | Bangladesh


Jason Corburn David Vlahov Blessing Mberu Lee Riley Waleska Teixeira Caiaffa Sabina Faiz Rashid Albert Ko Sheela Patel Smurti Jukur Eliana Martínez-Herrera Saroj Jayasinghe Siddharth Agarwal Blaise Nguendo-Yongsi Jane Weru Smith Ouma Katia Edmundo Tolu Oni Hany Ayad


The informal settlements of the Global South are the least prepared for the pandemic of COVID-19 since basic needs such as water, toilets, sewers, drain- age, waste collection, and secure and adequate housing are already in short supply or non-existent. Further, space constraints, violence, and overcrowding in slums make physical distancing and self-quarantine impracti- cal, and the rapid spread of an infection highly likely.