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Towards a socially just model: balancing hunger and response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh

30, April 2020 | Bangladesh


Sabina Faiz Rashid Sally Theobald Kim Ozano


In Bangladesh, the James P. Grant School of Public Health is undertaking responsive research to try and understand the needs of the population during COVID-19. The multi- disciplinary research includes 80 case studies in urban slums to capture the lived expe- riences and the impact of shutdown of the people living and working in Dhaka during COVID-19. In addition, a rapid large scale urban/rural survey is being conducted via phone interviews, with follow-ups, aimed to assess the possible effects of the pandemic on several domains of a household or family such as consumption, income, health, coping strat- egies, psychological well-being and gender. The survey takes a dynamic approach: ques- tions are modified based on current under- standings and relevant emerging issues related to the crisis. With a focus on margin- ality, interviews have taken place with the transgender group of people commonly known as ‘Hijra’ in South Asian countries and with street workers including adolescence and young adults.