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COVID-19 in Bangladesh: an especially difficult time for an invisible population

10, May 2021 |


Hasan M.T.Das A.S.Ahmed A.I.Chowdhury A.M.R.Rashid S.F.


COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge impact on public health and economy of Bangladesh. Population groups such as per- sons with disabilities are experiencing the worse outcomes in terms of managing their livelihoods, health and well-being. In this paper, we utilized publicly available information and data obtained from an ongoing research study conducted by BRAC University to discuss possible impacts of COVID-19 on the lives of persons with disabilities in Bangladesh. The paper focuses on documenting the livelihood struggles of persons with disabilities during the pandemic and the chal- lenges experienced by them while accessing formal health care services and social safety nets. We also recommend strategies that can be implemented to minimize the impacts and improve the overall well-being of persons with disabilities during this unparalleled crisis situation.