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Can non-pharmaceutical interventions contain the spreading of novel coronavirus sars-cov-2 in the asia pacific countries?

05, January 2021 |


Rahman R. Hossain A. Mozibullah M. . & Afrose A


A novel coronavirus, namely SARS-CoV-2, has emerged rapidly and overspread worldwide, causing a pandemic disease, COVID-19. Until now, no pharmaceutical interventions specific to the COVID-19 infection has been proven effective. In these circumstances, non-pharmaceutical interventions, for example, banning local and international flights, national lockdowns of cities, social distancing, self-isolation, home-quarantine, the closure of schools and universities, closure of government and private offices, banning of mass gatherings would play a vital role in minimizing the basic reproduction number (R0) in expected level. Many Asia Pacific countries, Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Vietnam, adopt, practice, and implement those non-pharmaceutical interventions and have success stories. Thereby, non-pharmaceutical interventions can contain the virus's spreading, which further reduces long waiting for the healthcare system's hospitalization and burden.