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Exploring two pandemics in academic arena: Physical activity and sedentary behaviors profile of university students in Bangladesh

16, April 2021 |


Rahman K.Vandoni M.Cheval B.Asaduzzaman M.Hasan M.N.Rahman S.T.


The overlay of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pandemic of physical inactivity has become a great concern. Both types of pandemics can decrease the health protection capacity and consequently increase complexity in human lives. This cross-sectional study intended to examine changes in physical activity and sedentary behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic among uni- versity students in a second-tier city of Bangladesh. Two hundred and nine students responded to an online questionnaire administered via Google Survey. In addition to descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric tests for comparing means, medians and distributions were used to assess differences in activity traits before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results show that the occurrence of COVID-19 has significantly reduced the practice of walking and physical activities among the students. They are commonly motivated by introjected regulation. Father’s occupation and the type of family of a student have significant influences on the total physical activity in either situation. Bangladeshi university students have, particularly, been perceived as not generally used to vigorous physical activities. They are inactive compared to students from other countries. Thus, the public health policymakers and the corresponding authority should inspire the students to be more physically active by implementing different strategies such as increasing bicycling and walking facilities on the campus.