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Psychosocial stress and trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Bangladesh

23, March 2021 |


Hossain M.I.Mehedi N.Ahmad I.Ali I.Azman A.


The COVID-­19 outbreak has become a global health crisis affecting both the physical and mental health of people across the world. Likewise, the people of Bangladesh are going through a menacing mental health catastrophe with the outbreak of coronavirus that resulting in stress and trauma. Hence, this situation is altering people's lifestyles and generating complexities in psychological well-­being. The study was based on the review of published articles and media reports related to stress and trauma during the COVID-­19 pandemic in Bangladesh. A total of 10 peer-­reviewed articles and 45 news- paper reports were included following an extensive literature search. The contents were searched on Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, local online newspapers, social networking sites, and different webpages and published articles in different journals on COVID-­19 from March 5 to October 25, 2020. The review study finds that the mental health of people in Bangladesh has severely been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. All of the government, voluntary, and civil organizations need to give further emphasis on psychosocial and bereavement counseling in order to support those experiencing mental shocks resulting from the COVID-­19 crisis. There is the need to strengthen more consultative and collaborative efforts from all public health experts, social workers, psychologists, and policymakers in doing so. Social workers in this context will be able to make meaningful contributions in supporting those af- fected people to better adjust to the challenging situation.