The repository of COVID-19 research by researchers of Bangladeshi origin
During COVID-19 pandemic, a large volume of research has been conducted both at home and abroad. These have substantially helped us understand various dimensions of the pandemic, its impact on health and society, and a way out. However, this knowledge is scattered all over the place, and therefore, hard to find in time.
BHW is delighted to initiate a research repository which would house all COVID-19 public health researches conducted on Bangladesh context at the disposal of the policy makers and practitioners, field implementers, academics and researchers. This repository is expected to be a credible source of information on COVID-19 research for all of them. Three types of articles are uploaded:

i) Research done by BRAC, BRAC University (BRACU) and institutes under BRACU or where one of the authors is from BRAC programmes;
ii) Research done beyond BRAC family but within Bangladesh and authored by a Bangladeshi researcher;
iii) Research done outside Bangladesh but using data from Bangladesh and authored/co-authored by a Bangladeshi researcher.

At this stage, only peer reviewed, full-text articles (research, review, policy and commentary), are included in the repository. Supplementary articles like reports, policy briefs, letters to the editors etc. will be added later on. Articles are curated from popular citation databases like Scopus, Litcovid, (a literature hub of PubMed for tracking up-to-date articles about the Covid 19), and websites of different research organisations and universities within and beyond Bangladesh. At present, the repository contains around 350 research articles.

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Covid-19 pandemic residency urology

Published On: 30 September, 2020

COVID-19 Bangladesh New Normal Public Health

Published On: 01 October, 2020

Patient involvement Health care Hand hygiene Family caregiver Caring culture

Published On: 26 August, 2020

COVID-19 Panic Anxiety General population Bangladesh

Published On: 19 June, 2020

Depression anxiety COVID-19 pandemic

Published On: 01 June, 2020

COVID-19 SDGs garment industry urban slam NCDs salinity arsenic; social exclusion Rohingya Dalits Bangladesh

Published On: 30 June, 2020

COVID-19 healthcare capacity population density healthcare expenditure civil society

Published On: 03 July, 2020

COVID-19 environment decentralisation Bangladesh public health policies management

Published On: 04 September, 2020

complexity theory crisis theory health system LMIC pandemic SARS-COV-2 situational assessment

Published On: 30 July, 2020

Allium sativum Organosulfur compounds Immunomodulatory Pandemic Functional food

Published On: 17 November, 2020

Air pollution PM2.5 CO Ozone humidity COVID-19

Published On: 17 October, 2020

Psychology. COVID-19 Psychological effect Quarantine Depression PTSD

Published On: 26 August, 2020

biorisk management biosafety cabinet biosafety level 2 biosafety manual biosafety office training

Published On: 15 December, 2020

Health technology assessment LMIC Patient–public involvement/engagement (PPI/E)South Asia

Published On: 09 October, 2020

COVID-19 Panic Anxiety General population Bangladesh

Published On: 26 August, 2020

Social networking (online) Depression Blogs Support vector machines Diseases Media Conferences

Published On: 17 November, 2020

Bangladesh COVID-19 Stress Pandemic

Published On: 27 May, 2021

COVID-19 Post-traumatic stress symptoms Depressive symptoms Students Mental health Bangladesh

Published On: 03 June, 2020

Anxiety COVID-19 Depression Mental health Pandemic University students

Published On: 26 August, 2020

Twitter Topics Big5 Personality traits COVID-19 Health Workers

Published On: 07 August, 2020

COVID19 Health equity Public health Fundamental social causes Social determinants of health Most-at-risk Health disparities Decision-making

Published On: 17 December, 2020

Depression anxiety COVID-19 pandemic Bangladesh

Published On: 30 April, 2020

COVID-19 Home-quarantine Mental health & wellbeing Depression Anxiety Stress Students Bangladesh

Published On: 04 January, 2021

COVID-19 Panic Anxiety General population Bangladesh

Published On: 14 December, 2020

Slums Informal settlements Equity Coronavirus Community health Global health

Published On: 24 April, 2020

Psychology Public health COVID-19 Stress Crisis Poverty Mental health Bangladeshi people

Published On: 11 March, 2021

Depression anxiety COVID-19 pandemic

Published On: 06 January, 2021

Solidarity universal preparedness COVID-19 Health

Published On: 01 July, 2021

Covid-19 impact livelihoods

Published On: 01 January, 2021

Livelihoods Recovery Covid-19

Published On: 17 October, 2020